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A company that provides services in financial market forecasting, provision of courses, provision of trading signals; all via various value-for-money subscription options.

We pride ourselves in the unique way in which we approach markets and formulate our market view; hence our slogan “We wave differently”. Our approach offers simple, practical, easy to follow day to day market overview which produces good results when followed religiously. We provide training through a 10-day course during which we guide our subscribers to learning and understanding our approach to the market, and therefore improve their own trading skills and investment decisions. Additionally, we provide daily Live Trading Rooms, Daily Live Technical Sessions, Daily Technical Videos, Short Videos, and Live Support among other services.

We provide 10 live educational webinars as part of the Live Training Course. We also provide one-on-one training sessions on request/demand.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with 24 hours of subscribing. After that there will be no cancellation and you will still have access for the duration of Subscription..

In Addition to the Refund Policy

We operate a no refund / part-refund policy. All sales are final.

We offer 4 different subscription plans.

We provide trading signals on a daily basis via our Live Trading Room sessions.

We cover Forex, Commodities, Crypto-Currency and Stock Market instruments totalling a count of 52. And we are looking to add more instruments.

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